Tammy Scullion, Graduate Planner at Pye Homes, Shares Her Experiences

Each month, we hear from someone who works for our company to explain more about their role, the ins and outs of their daily job, achievements they’re proud of, and what they like about working for Pye Homes.

This month, we spoke to Tammy Scullion, our most recent addition to the Planning team. Tammy is a Graduate Planner working across Pye, Blenheim Estate and Blenheim Strategic Partners which all sit under the Blenheim umbrella.  

What are your main duties ?

My role is incredibly varied, and I relish new challenges every day. In the morning I might be working on site appraisals for our new Communities or Land opportunities (covering everything from policy research to submitting planning applications) and in the afternoon I might be working on neighbourhood plans such as expanding local schools or improving highways. Not only is the role varied, but I work with a diversity of professionals from civil engineers to environmental consultants.

How long have you been working for Pye? What do you like about the company?

I’ve only been here six weeks, but I’ve learnt so much already. Everybody I’ve met has been kind and welcoming, from my very first interview with Roger File (Head of Property) and Mark Utting (Planning Manager) where we immediately got lost in conversation about Greenscribing, to new colleagues I’m meeting daily. I already feel like it’s a good fit for me.  

One of my main reasons for choosing to move here from Northern Ireland to work for Pye was because the Blenheim behaviours and goals aligned with my own. I do my utmost to live by “Show honesty with kindness” and the fact that they aim to “share a sense of belonging and keep their promises” makes them stand out as an employer. Pye’s motto “Made for life” immediately drew me in, because I heartily believe in futureproofing, sustainability, and planning for health and well-beingthey were a strong focus in my bachelors and masters thesis 

Is there anything that you’ve worked on that you’re particularly proud of?

I would say that submitting not one, but three planning applications in one week recently was my biggest achievement to date. Planning applications are arduous and anyone who’s worked remotely closely with planning will understand the requirements involved and how complex a task they can be, so three in a week was certainly a challenge but has only fuelled my desire to learn and accomplish more within the Planning team. 

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