How we build

How we build

We’ve been building new homes in Oxfordshire and beyond since 1927 and seen many changes, but we still take the greatest care when building our new communities.

Tastes change, innovations arrive, and other homebuilders come and go. We’ve stayed right here, making sure that the homes we build continue to live up to the test of time. For us, some things about building homes haven’t changed.

It's still true that most of us don’t buy a home very often. So when we do, we need someone in whom we can place our trust. Jack Pye knew that, back in 1927, as he famously sealed every deal with a simple handshake.

Made for life

In 2018 we joined with Blenheim. Like us, they have long-running traditions of forming communities in Oxfordshire. Together, our ambition is to build outstanding communities of which we are proud, and in which local people truly want to live, grow and prosper.

Living legacy

We’ll always use our deep-rooted knowledge and experience to build homes with care and a sense of placemaking.

Places for living

We’ll always build with pride from start to finish, until we are fully satisfied it is life-ready, so that when you walk through the door you can immediately begin living life to the full in your new home.

Living by our word

We will always be a family, and the personal touch matters to us. You’ll never deal with some faceless customer services department. You will know each of us by name, from the site manager to the person who welcomes you into your home.



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