First time buyers

First time buyers

We'll guide you through this exciting next step so you know you're in safe hands.

Meet our First Time Buyers

Hear from Kate and Pete who bought their first home in our Hanborough Gate community.

They tell us all about their experience as first time buyers and share their favourite things about their new home.

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Do I need to pay both a reservation fee and a deposit?

Yes, you'll need to pay both but don’t worry, these amounts are taken off your balance due at the end of your sale.

What happens if I have to cancel?

In most cases, especially when a sale is well progressed and solicitors have become involved, we will usually retain 50% to cover the costs of the work already carried out.

How do I know what my budget is?

We work closely with a reputable financial advisor who can offer you support with your financial questions and help you to look at all the costs that you'lll need to consider and factor in to your budget.

How much will my Stamp Duty be?

We always recommend you use the Stamp Duty Land Tax - GOV.UK website to check your Stamp Duty. Just follow the steps on the website and if you have any questions our Customer Hosts are on hand to help.

What is included in the sale and do I get a warranty?

In the brochure for your home you'll find a full specification which covers everything that is included in the purchase of your home. Our Customer Hosts can talk you through the additional extras we can supply.

We offer a 10-year warranty with your new home; 2 years with us, and then a further 8 years with NHBC. Our team will provide more information about this and how it works at your reservation appointment.

Which solicitor or financial advisor should I use?

We work with independent solicitors and financial advisors and we always encourage buyers to contact them for a consultation. The solicitors and brokers we recommend know our contracts and processes, and will work with our Customer Hosts to make your journey as easy as possible.

First time buyers guide

Tips from the Team


Prepare your finances. Get saving and don't forget the extra costs such as legal fees, stamp duty (if applicable), moving costs, etc. 

Check out the neighbourhood. It's always good to research the local area and find out if the local amenities will suit your lifestyle. 

Ask, ask, ask. We're here to hold your hand through this new experience and there is never a silly question! Our job is to make your purchase as seamless as possible and if you are unsure of any step please get in touch so we can help you.

Make a list of what’s important to you in your new home and why. It will help you narrow down the new home that is best for you and where you may be willing to compromise.

Look at your budget and check you have a deposit in place. You should talk to an independent financial advisor who will give you expert guidance; we have some that we can recommend.

Don’t just look at your needs today, but what you might need in the next phase of your life. Avoid buying a home which is too small that you may outgrow, or too big that you struggle with payments and upkeep.

Why buy your first home with Pye

Our Customer Host Team will help you navigate your way through this exciting milestone in your life. They'll always be at the end of the phone to talk you through the process, to help your purchase to be as stress free and enjoyable as possible.

We are proud to offer a personal service at Pye Homes. Once your journey is complete with our Customer Hosts, you'll be placed into the capable hands of our Customer Care team who will welcome you into your new home and support you through your first couple of years as you get settled in.

Our team work with recommended solicitors and financial advisors who will offer an extension of this service and make the experience as simple as possible.

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