Rob Fairfield, Architectural Technical Coordinator at Pye Homes, Shares His Experiences

Each month, we hear from someone who works for our company to explain more about their role, the ins and outs of their daily job, achievements they’re proud of, and what they like about working for Pye Homes.

This month, we spoke to Rob Fairfiled, Architectural Technical Coordinator for East Hanney, Marcham, and the Nursery - learning more about how he ensures our homes are meticulously planned, right down to the minute details.

What are your main duties ?

I work in the Technical department at Pye Homes. My role is to ensure the teams on site have all the information they need to build our properties efficiently and to the highest quality. This entails preparing construction drawings that have the technical information the site teams need to build the houses, along with the Site Works drawingswhich are the plans of the whole site. These show everything from the road layout, positions of houses, the finishes on the roads, to the play areas, and fencing.  Preparing the legal conveyance drawings for the properties is also my responsibility. These drawings show the tenure of each plot on the site and these are used by the solicitors for the sale of the properties. Another large part of my role is checking that the components of each house is correct before they are ordered.   

Mental health awareness is very important to Blenheim and Pye Homes, and I am proud to aid in this effort by acting as one of the Mental Health Champions for the company. We endeavour to support any of our colleagues who may be suffering with mental health issues or emotional distress, which unfortunately became more prevalent during the pandemic, and to ensure they get the appropriate help they require.  

How long have you been working for Pye? What do you like about the company?

Four years ago when I joined Pye Homes I immediately felt like part of the team.  It is a very welcoming company to work for and the sense of belonging has continued since we became part of Blenheim.  My colleagues are incredibly supportive and we all have our part to play, but we help each other to create houses and sites we are proud of.  It is very rewarding to see families happily living in the houses that we have created and communities flourishing, particularty as my role commences very early on in the project.

Seeing the evolution of the development from creating the drawings on my computer monitor, adding all the information from all the consultants, the site teams building it, the sales team selling the property and finally the customer care teams completing the handover. It’s always quite astonishing. 

Is there anything that you’ve worked on that you’re particularly proud of?

I am proud of all the sites I have worked on since joining Pye Homes, but I am particularly proud of the Long Hanborough doctors surgery. This was a challenging build because it is so different to the housing we usually build, not to mention the added challenge of building the surgery during the Covid pandemic!

The staff have been using the surgery for over 12 months now and are very happy with it. I used to be a patient of the old Long Hanborough surgery so I know some of the doctors and staff personally, and it is a heart warming feeling to be able to give something back to them, especially after all their commitment to our wellbeing, particularly over the last 2 years! 

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