We're Celebrating A 50-Year Partnership.

With a joint heritage spanning almost 150 years, Pye Homes and Minoli, with its main Cowley showroom, are two of Oxfordshire’s longest established family firms.

Established in 1960, Minoli is one of the UK’s original and oldest tile suppliers and has been working with Pye Homes, which was established in 1927, on developments across Oxfordshire and beyond.

As well as their long-term working relationship with us, Minoli is also closely associated with Blenheim Palace, having supplied all the tiling for the award-winning Visitor Centre, which opened in 2012.

Today we continue to build our partnership at our Park View, Hanborough Gate and Church Farm developments.

Park View is our first development to be built according to legacy principles based on the belief landowners have a social, economic and moral responsibility to deliver quality housing solutions of which its local community can be proud.

“Minoli has worked with Pye Homes for many decades, but we were aware of how very special Park View is and its importance both to their legacy and that of Blenheim,” said MD Jonathon Minoli.

“Working closely with their specification team, highest quality Minoli ceramic and porcelain was sourced from our Italian and Spanish production, representing the very latest designs in stone, concrete and wood,” he added.

For our MD Graham Flint the partnership with Minoli reinforces the importance of working with a well-established local business that shares the same goals and values.

“For us it’s the continuity of being able to work with a family business that has grown up with us that is hugely important,” said Graham.

“Their heritage and emphasis on quality means we know we can rely on them, however they are also constantly looking at ways to improve and innovate their products to incorporate new technologies and vital environmental issues

“It’s also part of our wider goals to support local businesses and, during lockdown, knowing they are literally just around the corner from us has made sourcing and logistics that much more straightforward,” he added.

We have been part of the Blenheim Estate since 2018 and are helping them to achieve one of their key goals of tripling their economic contribution to the local community within 10 years.

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