Our Story

Since 1927, Pye Homes have continued to take the same pride in the homes and communities we have built in Oxfordshire. Although many things have changed in that time, our values have stayed the same, because so much of what was true then is still true today. That way, we know your home is made for life.

We always take the same care in how we build, because that care ensures that your home is built to last. It means that everything about your home is perfectly placed, from the moment we lay the foundations, to the moment we open your door to show you around.

By combining the best innovations with designs and materials which have stood the test of time, we build in harmony with nature and the local legacy, so that new homes simply belong as part of a community, right from the start.

It means always giving the same kind of personal care and integrity that Jack Pye would recognise - if he were still here - and would be proud to acknowledge with his famous handshake.

Those values, and that same regard for legacy, has led us to join with Blenheim and to make our commitment to their Legacy Principles. Together we share a desire for progress alongside a deep-rooted sense of place and enduring connection to our neighbours and local communities.

Pye Homes.

Made for life.

Pye Homes, Langford Locks, Kidlington, Oxfordshire OX5 1HZ
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