Jeff Hake, Commercial Director at Pye Homes, Shares His Experiences

Each month, we hear from someone who works for our company to explain more about their role, the ins and outs of their daily job, achievements they’re proud of, and what they like about working for Pye.

This month, we spoke to Jeff Hake, our Commercial Director – learning more about how he manages the costs involved in building our splendid communities. 

What are your main duties as Commercial Director?

I manage a small team of two Senior Quantity Surveyors and two Buyers. My main responsibilities are fundamentally controlling the cost on all our projects, providing build costs for land viabilitiessetting budgets for build, contract administration and sourcing of the supply chain in respect of subcontractors and materials, whilst making sure those chosen share our goals at Blenheim and Pye to build quality homes that communities will be proud ofencapsulating our business objectives and green agenda. 

How long have you been working for Pye? What do you like about the company?

Prior to Pye I had a similar role within a national PLC and joined in July of 2019, just after the merger with Blenheim. I enjoy working here and the fact that it has always been a family-orientated business and it still feels that way today. They live and breathe their ethos and fundamentally care about their product and the community. My commercial bias has always been to maximise profitalthough working here my eyes have been opened to the bigger picture and it is refreshing for the first time to be involved in a business that genuinely care and give back to othersthrough various forms of policy and investment, stretching across our employees, purchasers and the wider community.   

Is there anything that you’ve worked on that you’re particularly proud of?

I’m extremely proud of our Park View development, we have created a fantastic product! Woodstock has a rich history, and we were determined to do it justice, and ensure it reflects the existing architecture and is seen as an extension of Woodstock, it is built using high-quality, sustainable materials such as hand-cut Cotswold stone and timber window frames. These traditional materials and methods of construction cost considerably more than standard and as a business, you might question why we would commit to something like thatThe answer is simple: we’re committed to giving back to the community, especially one that we’ve been a part of for hundreds of years. It’s the care and consideration for the product and the community that sets us apart from other house builders. We do things slightly differently here and that’s very rewarding, and even more so when we’re being recognised and acknowledged for that with various awards, notably the “What House” award in 2021. 

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