We Are Installing Extra Large Windows at Church Farm

We are installing extra-large windows as part of our new site at Church Farm in Oxfordshire.

Our windows, which are 71% bigger than on previous developments, could help to counteract Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), following changes to people’s lifestyles amidst the pandemic.

There is evidence to suggest that ‘daylighting’ can help to reduce the risk of SAD, the depression-related illness linked to the availability of natural light, predominantly during the winter months.

As well as increasing the amount of natural light which enters the properties, the larger windows will also reduce our homes’ reliance on artificial lighting

“Natural daylight is not only hugely important to our health and wellbeing, it also has a significant effect on reducing energy costs,” said Pye Homes’ MD Graham Flint.

“Our aim at Church Farm is to build high quality homes that will stand the test of time and incorporate the very latest in sustainable technology,” he added.

Church Farm is being developed in line with our ‘how we build principles’, which are based on the belief landowners have a social, economic and moral responsibility to deliver quality housing solutions of which its local community can be proud.

Our plans at the Radley site also tie in with Blenheim’s social prescription programme which aims to benefit people by getting them to reconnect to nature and the great outdoors.

Our site’s biodiversity will also be higher-than-average with natural landscaping, hedgehog highways and bee bricks both of which will be viewable from the large windows, again boosting a reconnection to the wild.

Also enabling residents a chance to be amongst nature, will be the new cycle link between Radley and Oxford via Kennington which will be part of ourdevelopment along with additional public open spaces, public transport infrastructure and pedestrian crossing areas – all aimed at encouraging greener lifestyle choices.

Homes at our Radley site will be using environmentally friendly heating solutions with solar panels and air source heat pumps, instead of fossil fuel boilers, in line with our commitment to sustainability.

Our site will include 84 affordable homes; 21 of which will be shared ownership and the remaining 63 will form part of our affordable rent scheme, with 156 properties available to buy on the open market.

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