The big garden birdwatch is back

The big garden birdwatch is back

The Big Garden Bird Watch is back from January 26th to 28th, and we encourage you to join in from your own gardens. The Big Garden Bird Watch is an annual event celebrating avian diversity and helping specialists identify how the birds we see are faring every day. This is the world's biggest garden survey, and it comes along with an incredibly exciting sense of community participation. You don’t need to be an avid bird watcher to take part; most of the time, you will see a handful of species of birds without realizing it, so spend 30 minutes outside and peek into nature...

What birds might you be able to see in your own garden?

Blue Tits: Blue tits are small, colorful birds of blue, yellow, and white. They are common garden visitors and can be seen all year round.

House Sparrow: The house sparrow is a smaller brown bird and is a part of the Sparrow family. This bird is common in the UK; however, sadly, numbers are falling.

Eurasian Chaffinch: The Eurasian chaffinch, or simply chaffinch, is a small bird commonly found across the UK. The male is easiest to spot, with its brightly coloured blue-grey cap and rust-red belly.



Robin: Known as the Christmas card bird, and easy to identify due to its bright red breast. Despite being overly popular at Christmas, a robin red breast can be spotted all year round.

Blackbird: The Blackbird is one of the UK’s most common birds, and one of the loudest! They can also be spotted throughout the year.

Wood Pigeon: The UK’s largest and most common pigeon, even though they may be crowding in towns and cities, the wood pigeon rates are falling.

What can you do to actively encourage birds to your gardens?

Most of our homes are in open spaces, which is the perfect opportunity for birdwatching; however, there are other things you can do to encourage visitors to your garden.

  • Leave out a bird bath and fresh water. Make sure you are cleaning this regularly to avoid disease.
  • Bird feeders are a great way to encourage birds to your garden. Again, ensure this is cleaned out regularly and not too much food is put out, as this can welcome unwanted guests to your garden.
  • Create safe places for birds to nest and rest. Our Pye Homes communities include bird and bat nest boxes, which are the ideal retreats for feathered visitors to your garden.

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