Church Farm Interior Design Team Create Eco-centric Showhome

We are creating a unique Show Home and Customer Lounge for our new Church Farm community which reflects the development’s commitment to sustainability.

Both the Show Home and the Customer Lounge, which are due to open this winter, will feature upcycled and recycled furniture, as well as handmade and locally-sourced furnishings and upholstery.

Church Farm will eventually include 240 properties and is on land previously owned by Radley College.

Our new community will promote a ‘greener way of living’ and is being built in line with our ‘legacy principles’, which are based on the belief landowners have a social, economic and moral responsibility to deliver quality housing solutions of which its local community can be proud.

We have commissioned Rachel Nacer, from Rasalo Interiors, and Sarah Mather, of Interiors by Casa, to design and furnish the Show Home and the Customer Lounge.

“We like to work with local artisans and creatives to provide interiors that have a natural edge,” said Rachel.

‘’We’re looking forward to creating something that demonstrates PYE’s ethos of highly desirable well designed homes with every attention to detail covered’’

‘’First and foremost it will be home that’s inviting. Some of the furniture will be upcycled and recycled. We will also be working with local artisans and using products from the surrounding area. The emphasis will be on sustainability” she added.

For Sarah Mather’s their approach is summed up as ‘eco-lifestyle’.

“The aim is to make something that seamlessly fits into our lives, but also allows us to showcase how small changes to our day-to day-habits will help the environment,” she said.

“The interiors will also reflect the wider biodiversity of the site and will incorporate a lot of greenery and plant life.

“We’re putting in loads of amazing eco-centric features but at the heart of it all is just showcasing what a really great place to live Church Farm will be,” she added.

The homes will be constructed utilising a mix of traditional, local materials including brick, stone and wood each with unique features. All will be wheelchair accessible and built to accommodate future accessibility needs.

The site will have a higher-than-average biodiversity net gain and incorporate natural landscaping to encourage and protect local wildlife, including the introduction of badger corridors.

Reflecting our commitment to sustainability, the homes will not use fossil fuel boilers, instead moving to more environmentally friendly heating solutions with solar panels and air source heat pumps.

All the houses will have an EPC rating of A, giving every homeowner a greater level of comfort, with the potential to reduce heating costs.

A new cycle link between Radley and Oxford via Kennington will also be part of the development along with additional public open spaces, public transport infrastructure and pedestrian crossing areas – all aimed at encouraging greener lifestyle choices.

The site will include 84 affordable homes; 21 of which will be shared ownership and the remaining 63 will form part of an affordable rent scheme, with 156 properties available to buy on the open market.

In addition to providing much-needed, high quality accommodation in an area with a housing shortage, the new development will also help the Radley Foundation, a charity set up to establish an endowment fund to enable talented boys to come to Radley and to financially support families unable to afford the fees.

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