Supplier feature: Minoli

Hear from Managing Director Jonathon Minoli about our long standing relationship with Minoli & Co Ltd.

A brief history of Minoli

Minoli was established as Minoli & Co Ltd in Oxford, 1960. The company had traded for many years before the incorporation, always working with Terrazzo, Marble and Mosaic. We regard the date of 1960 as very much the beginning of the company as it would be recognised now.

Minoli is very much a family business. The Terrazzo manufacture & installation business was founded by my grandfather Luigi Minoli, his son Peter moved the company more towards Italian tile from 1960 onwards.

Pictured: Peter and Luigi Minoli

Our long-standing relationship with Pye Homes

From memory Minoli & Pye have worked together to one degree or another since the founding of both companies over 60 years ago. Sadly Peter Minoli passed away in 1994, and Mr Graeme Pye is no longer with us either to be able to check.

The location of both businesses being within Oxfordshire, both family run with similar ethics and standards, Pye Homes is a very long standing client of Minoli.

The ranges at Hanborough Gate

Hanborough Gate features many items from Minoli’s Core collection, with the focus on products of outstanding value from both Italy and Spain.

A new range at the time was the Cashmere collection, a beautiful new range of rectified Italian porcelain products in white and grey travertine style which would go on to become one of the most successful items in the Minoli for Pye Homes.

Particularly popular with the homeowners due to its combination of soft texture and subtle design characteristics,

Pictured: Cashmere collection tiles

Pye's firm favourites

From limestone to concrete to marble, Pye and Blenheim have utilised styles and ideas from right across the Minoli collection, but particularly successful in recent years has been the inclusion of wood-style porcelains.

This material has proved a popular choice time and again for purchasers drawn to its warm aesthetic yet incredible durability, an ideal combination for the modern home.

One particular style loved by Pye homeowners would be Minoli’s Shabby Chic collection features wood styles in traditional oak, white birch and grey oak offering a solution to any colour palette.

Pictured: Shabby Chic collection flooring

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