Meet our first time buyers

We hear from Kate and Pete who bought their first home in our Hanborough Gate community. They tell us all about their experience as first time buyers and share their favourite things about their new home.

Choosing our home

Pete is a keen cyclist and rode past Hanborough Gate while on a ride one day. We weren’t actively looking for a house at the time but after a nosey round and a look on the website, we fell in love with the homes here. The location is great for our commutes and being near so much green space was really appealing too. We looked at a few new build developments but got the feeling that Pye Homes produced houses to a higher standard than most.

We were originally looking at a two bedroom home, but after viewing a three bed we decided this would be the better option for us. At the time our plot was the only available three bedroom home with a garage, which we were quite keen on. We both also liked that we are on a shared area with a few other houses, giving us a perfect space for a little street party!

The buying process

The whole reservation process went very smoothly for us. We were in regular contact with the Sales Manager who kept us very informed and guided us through the process.

We reserved our home in May and moved in December, so although it was a long wait it was very exciting to have something to look forward to. We received a date to move in about a month in advance and were very lucky to have parents who allowed us to bombarde their home with all sorts of furniture and décor for the house. We also received a lovely welcome pack from the Pye team, which was a really nice touch.

Living at Hanborough Gate

Being around so much green space is a great thing and we have lovely neighbours who are making the experience of living at Hanborough Gate even better. Long Hanborough also has a really nice community feel.

Our favourite space inside our home is definitely the living room. It’s a good size and we have made it a cosy and welcoming space. We also have an electric car charging point which, although is not needed at the moment, is a really forward-thinking idea which will be of great benefit in coming years.

Advice for other First Time Buyers

We say enjoy the process as much as possible! It can be a very stressful and overwhelming time but it’s important to think about how exciting it will be to finally move in. From reserving our home, we started picking up little bits and bobs and browsing for furniture online which definitely made the long process more enjoyable.

Our First Time Buyers Guide

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